Iceberg-Seminars is test winner at Stiftung Warentest

(Stiftung Warentest 05/2013)



The one is part of Hamburg's most successful new Gastro-entrepreneurs, the other travels for innovative retails since decades. Both share a common passion: The hunt for the "next big thing". They don’t know each other, but travel to NYC coincidentally at the same time. To trend scout for their respective industries. On the social networks they discover that both publish almost identical pictures. Kemal grabs the phone. A few days later the first meeting in London. After three hours, it’s clear: we set up a joint company, to provide future customers with the best of both worlds:

Stephan Jung
Global investor for Retail & Real Estate since 14 years scouting worldwide for Innovation and Best Practice Chairman of European Retail Innovation Group of the Advisory Board of the International Council of Shopping Centers Brain reserve pool of Faith Popcorn mentor and incubator of many startups guest lecturer at German and foreign universities board of Europe's largest architectural firm

As keynote speaker in their respective industries globally active as a consultant living culture of innovation in their own companies are constantly working on the perfect blend of vision, passion, sharp analysis and system efficiency

Kemal Üres
First Gastronomy career at the Park Hyatt Hotel Hamburg: from the bartender to the manager of the entire gastro-range with 30 entry as an entrepreneur with own restaurant More restaurants and bars in Hamburg Foundation of DAILY Your Coffee & Food Company expanding DAILY company to an international franchisor partner and co-founder of the iceberg seminars GmbH


Rapidly changing consumer expectations and rapid technological advances force the retail industry to modernize constantly. New trends and innovations threaten established suppliers from completely surprising directions. The retail industry has to deal with the "Total Retail Integration" immediately, because the customer is already living in this world. He is disappointed when his merchant does not understand what that means exactly. With our unique market analysis tools, we measure your innovation. We trim your business model with the mega and consumer trends. We optimize your positioning and show you profitable opportunities for expanding your business.
Do you know someone who has not eaten or drunk in the last 24 hours something? Exactly: we do it regularly, every day. But today alimentation meets far more basic needs of the people and that's why the gastronomy changed so massively. The new trends are freshness, sustainability, value and pace - those who know and really sets the scene, will be among the winners. But trend also generates counter-trend and so the gastronomer of tomorrow needs to feel highly sensitive how he has to play with slowing down and enjoying the other. This counts itself all absolute experts to optimize your processes and ensure a healthy margin. We have the solutions of the right software, the e-commerce up to the manual for potential franchisees. From the positioning to purchasing, centralize systematization through to proper site selection: we care about your success.
Hotels & Resorts
Whether business or holiday: the needs of travelers are increasing continuously. Today fast check-in at Budget Hotel, tomorrow Wellness with all your senses. Hotels are anything but sleeping quarters on time, they are modern managed places with high recreation and entertainment quality. To this end, shopping and dining experience and glamorous events join. The time of the generalist hoteliers is over, welcome to the hospitality 4.0. We'll show you how to make guests and friends that you recommend enthusiastically.
Real estate
Most people can build good houses today. Whether office, shopping center or department store: a sympathetic staging should make the visit an experience. The best architect, the coolest designers, creative lighting artist and the artisan masterful shopfitter: we create your tailor-made suit. Together with you we schedule your real estate and expansion strategy firmly, to find the right story and accompany you in your growth - if you want, to the end of the world. We know the right corner in Manhattan, the better side of the road in Singapure and tell you exactly at which house number on the KÖ you will realize the best sales. You own property? We like to look at this and help you optimize. Buy real estate? We support you in making the right decision. You have another question? We already know the answer.



Iceberg Positioning offers exclusive global strategy consulting for retail, restaurants, hotels and real estate for the successful placement and growth of companies.

Our approach is to work out strengths and to combine them with innovative models for business expansion.
We treat customers, business partners and employees at anytime with respect, esteem and appreciation.
Our customer orientation is extremely high, we want to achieve the best possible return on investment for our customers.
We work with high transparency, give clear recommendations and communicate clearly.


So far, so good. We all understood: Who wants to stay on the market, must redefine themselves faster, if not reinvent. But the insight alone brings nothing new - it says nothing about the HOW and WHAT of change. Is it possible to find out both with the usual indicators? Or with gut feeling? Is board knowledge enough to meet sudden asymmetric shifts in competition - for example, by digital commerce?

Repositioning with system
Who wants neither remain in defiant rigidity nor expire blind activism, needs new, reliable instruments:

• to determine the own position,
• to view future opportunities and risks,
• forging a strategy that again surprises, convinces and conqueres the Market.

To succeed, these instruments need to be integrated, best like a cybernetic system, which aligns new influences with the current position, it forges strategies for change, initiating the changes - and makes success measurable. Because new influences come constantly, they require a new change.

The Innovation Circle
… Is our solution to the HOW and WHAT of your change. This is the "positioning work" for a custom element in your strategic leadership. Imagine a flywheel with six segments: providing a complete solution, it establishes an innovation cockpit in your company: the change can be controlled. Individual solutions in each segment bring change projects into the next segment successfully.


The own position is derived from the comparison. The more comparisons from different angles are available, the more precisely one's own position can be described. Iceberg Positioning works on 4 strategic important comparisons:
1. Company core - how apart are the ideal and reality?
2. Self-development - where do we stand compared to last year, before last year, etc.?
3. Innovation Fitness - compared to prevailing best practice: how ahead, courageously and consistently do we implement innovation?
4. Site Development – how does the quality of our POS change?
Iceberg Positioning offers far more than the classic strategy consulting, because we have much more comprehensive data material for a precise comparison because of our active Trend and Innovation Research.

Distil values and missions
to determine the immutable core of the company, which each repositioning is subordinated to.
declining sales, increase in area, rising costs, new attacker - the crisis is the momentum for change. We analyze based on common and own metrics the causes with the aim in the short term to find the right lever.
Measuring the degree of innovation
through the implementation of 100 indicators you get a clear mirror, how innovative your business is.
we evaluate quality and efficiency of your POS and predict the future development of individual locations.


There are many trends: long-term and short-lived, global and local, stubborn and prone. Iceberg Positioning sees itself as an active trend monitor. We regularly attract even with camera and voice recorder in the pulse-generating cities, document them, check them for relevance and portability - and organize them into existing trends. Moreover, we operate active knowledge exchange with leading institutes, and network - as Speaker, judges, guest lecturers, Brain-Pooler in innovation. So we are constantly updating our knowledge and find early promising new trend outfits for your business.

Trend analysis
where do we stand compared to the market? Based on 150 consumer trends, we define your position in the competition.
What trend should your business use - and how much?
based on individual questions. From our general active Trendscouting you profit already in the trend consultancy.
after the analysis of all trends that are relevant to your business, we constantly provide you the latest developments.


Who knows where he is, can determine where he is able to go more accurately. After matching with the current market conditions we determine the options: How will your company robust for the future? What future is possible and desirable? We work out possible scenarios and play them through, with consequences and impact consequences. We estimate and calculate what can be calculated in complex, volatile events. In the relationship between your status quo and the trends from outside opportunities and risks can be determined surprisingly accurate. In this element, the destination is the destination: Formulated to mobilize strengths.

Identify the niche
where we can be the number 1?
which "futures" can achieve your business?
Carving out your USP
the most effective lever first, the sake of cash flow.
Define your goal clear
why do we want to achieve exactly this?
Keeping your aim clear
how much change is acceptable? In which period?


There are three basic strategies for Food and Retail: price leadership, innovation leadership and disorder. However, the transfer of these basic strategies to your business is custom, fine precision work. This requires advisors with experience and ideas. In EP you draw on unlimited resources: Your advisors are active entrepreneurs themselves and experienced top managers. They know the industry practice from the scratch. You benefit from 50 years of market experience of both founders - and first of all to exemplify their ambition, the current best practice in their own companies. Shortly, you will encounter an ideal combination of expertise, experience and will to business success. For us it is a prerequisite in order to assess for you, what works.

Setting directions and milestones
which route has the special features. And who do we take with us.
was mit den vorhandenen Ressourcen am besten gelingt.
Ermitteln von Quick Wins
die wirksamsten Hebel zuerst, dem Cash Flow zuliebe.
Implementierung eines Innovationsbaukastens
fürs eigenständige Weiterarbeiten aller beteiligten Akteure.


Any real change begins at the inner side, long before it becomes visible to the outside. In this phase your business is preparing for the changes: We support you through concrete steps: observe, measure, adjust. Every change begins with the acquisition of new skills. Here iceberg Positioning has a real ace up its sleeve: its sister company Iceberg seminars. Whether sales, marketing, staff motivation, shopping, management, controlling - a pool of the best experts is ready to make your employees artists in new areas.

Process support
Fine tuning in tight feedback loops, mediation in conflicts and resistance.
Schulungen & Training
in allen Disziplinen, für Mitarbeiter und die Führungsebene – durch unser Schwesterunternehmen Eisberg Seminare
Umsetzung messen
Abstimmung von Zeitplänen und Ressourcen.


In this phase will happen 2 things:
1) the change will be noticeable and measurable for your customers
2) the change triggers new changes. Your company has established a culture of innovation, which is observed and evaluated constantly, to produce innovations and adapt them.
Iceberg Positioning stabilizes the newly established culture of innovation and builds the innovation cockpit that allows you to achieve your goals safely. Now it is the time to determine the position independently and define the direction with the help of all new instruments. Again and again, to permanently uphold the innovative fitness.

Process support
Coordination of changes to internal and external level in New openings, renovations, relocations, etc.
Neuer Innovationszyklus
Vorbereitung des „nächsten großen Dings“ anhand des Innovation Cycle.
Langfristiges Etablieren von Innovations-Routinen
Installation von Instrumenten, mit denen Ihr Unternehmen den Kurs synchron zum Marktgeschehen bestimmen kann.


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Select new employees successfully through successful interviewing. Qualified, motivated and high performing employees are the number one success factor - the other way round: wrong decisions in selecting applicants are bad investments and can sometimes be very expensive. It is worthwhile to invest in the optimization of selection interviews. For a targeted recruitment personal dialogue is still essential and places high demands on the discussion leader. In our two-day seminar you will learn both theoretical and practical exercises on how to conduct your interviews more structured, efficient and successful, to learn more about the potential employee and select it precisely.

The first step is a systematic preparation and the creation of a precise requirement profile. The seminar focuses on the concrete situation of the conversation, you can practice in role play and improve through constructive feedback. This is about learning a balance of active listening and effective questioning techniques that will allow you to learn about the candidates and both professional identify and evaluate social skills more reliable. In the last step you will get to know methods which simplify your decision making clearly and make them comprehensible to outsiders.



Pass Employees through active change management successfully through the shift.
Organizations and the management, staff areas and staff are facing a constantly changing environment. Why a Change Management Training? The actuality, as well as the need for change management has increased regardless of the size of the company and faces companies with new challenges. But how change needs to be planned to be successful? We introduce the basic processes, methods and principles to you, which are familiar with the design of change processes. Starting point is yourself with your own attitude and your own personal approach to the topic Change Management and Change Management Training. Strengthen your abilities to cope with typical solution-oriented process dynamics and resistances and to create acceptance among the parties concerned, to attract employees for forthcoming changes. The seminar is strongly oriented towards practice. Theoretical input and answering your specific questions from practice alternate.



Methodological tools of project management.
Plan projects successfully and manage them from start to completion, to meet the project contract within the specified time and resource budgets and generate acceptance for the project results are complex challenges for all project managers.

Participants get a holistic basic understanding of project management. You learn with the help of formal methods to plan projects ahead and initiate them. Advanced knowledge about key aspects of project management and project documentation form the ideal basis for a successful project completion. The structured approach of project management is applied directly to practical examples in the seminar. In this way, you increase your professional capacity as Leader.



New and meaningful strategies need more than the everlasting reproduction of already accomplished steps. Training Business Creativity provides students with a comprehensive tool for the search for innovative solutions and ideas. For the development of strategies that improve internal processes or for the development and optimization of your Product Range.

The goal of Business Creativity is to improve the working efficiency and the results of the project team. In the center of creativity training is the presentation of a full-bodied methods package.



Increased efficiency through teamwork. Experience training with outdoor event.

The aim of cooperation in teams is to strengthen and improve cooperation within teams or departments.

In this experience seminar, participants will experience intensive cooperation training. Experience the different dynamics of the group to work out how to deal with different types of people and improve their communication skills. Based on simulated problems in the seminar and real hands-on challenges (such as climbing the high ropes course), they learn to develop adequate solution strategies in their group.



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